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Zhang Zhuo

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Zhang Zhuo, female, Associate Professor, the main research areas are aesthetics and literary theory.


PhD, Zhejiang University , 2010

MA, Zhejiang University , 2001

BA, Hunan Normal University , 1997

Academic situation:


1. Language predicament and Breakout: a study of the relationship between language and meaning in literature (09HQZZ035), provincial philosophy and Social Sciences, late publication funding, 2009.09---2010.12.

2. Predicament and breakout of language -- on the relationship between language and meaning in literary language (08N58), Annual subject of the Provincial Association of Social Sciences, 2008.09---2009.12.

3. Interpretation of Confucianism and Taoism's language position and text strategy through "classic fever" (C07WX01), Planning subject of philosophy and Social Sciences in Hangzhou, 2007.08---2008.12

Representative Paper:

1. The dimension of nature and an ideal realm in Chinese literature, Hangzhou journal 2016 fourth issue, 182-188 pages, social science literature press, 2016.12.

2. The influence of Zen language view on the formation of literary artistic conception, "Buddhism with Jiangsu and Zhejiang culture" first volume, 71-81 pages, Shanghai Sanlian bookstore, 2013.7.

3. A new solution to the difference between Chinese and Western thinking based on language, “The social scientific front”, 2013.5.

4. The Enlightenment of art to the real world, "Northern Literature" ,2011.12.

5. Between being or not: The boundary of language and the crossing  of meaning, "Zhejiang Social Sciences" ,2010.3 (CSSCI).

6. A new view on the relationship between language, image and meaning -- from the interpretation of Heidegger and Wittgenstein's philosophical thoughts, Journal of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University ( Social science edition ) 2009.1.

7. The historical existence and meaning interpretation of human beings --reassessing “The brothers” from the perspective of Heidegger's basic ontology theory, Yangtze River Literature and art 2007 third issue (total 561st issues).

8. On the existential phenomenological standpoint of Confucius's benevolence -- and a comparison with Heidegger's existentialism ontology, Chuanshan journal second issue in 2007 (total sixty-fourth issue).

(7 and 8 two papers were also collected in the eleventh edition of Chinese phenomenology and philosophy review).


1.The predicament and breakout of language: a study of the relationship between language and meaning in literature》,China Social Sciences Press, 2010.6 ISBN 978-7-5004-8617-6.Individual

Teaching Achievement:

Project: 1. Art makes man become a man——The importance of Chinese traditional poetic culture to the cultivation of College Students' spirit and the practice of cultural innovation2015SCG425,the project of education planning for provincial colleges and universities , 2015.03 - 2018.04.

Teaching material1. Public relations etiquette, Science Press, 2018.3 ISBN 978-7-03-056372-9. Edited

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