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Hu Yishan

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Ms. Yishan Hu, Bachelor of Arts, and Professor of our college. Her field of study focus on the British and American literature. She has been in charge of several significant projects, including: The Study of Woolf’s literary criticism essays, a project of Social Science Fund accorded by Ministry of Education (14YJA752003); The Study of Woolf’s impressionism literary criticism, a project of National Social Science Fund (18BWW050).

Prof. Yishan Hu has also participated in several other projects, including Provincial Social Science Project, Social Science Planning Project of Ministry of Education and National Social Science Projects. She has also published dozens of papers and articles on academic journals and periodicals, including Reading, Criticism of Contemporary Writers, Contemporary Literary Circles, Masterpieces Review, Southern Literary Circles, Oriental Forum and so on. Till now, Prof. Hu has published three academic works, which are The Phenomenological Method and Aesthetics, The Ontology of Aesthetic Object, and Ontology: Phenomenological Aesthetics.

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