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Gao Huali

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Name: Gao Huali

Sex: Female

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Head of the English Department and the Programme of Translation & Interpretation of the School of the Humanities and Foreign Languages

Research Interests:

 Translation ,Interpreting and The Teaching of Translation

Educational Backgrounds:

June, 2001- May, 2002  Studied in NIE, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and got a Postgraduate Diploma of English Language Teaching.

September, 1996- June, 1999  Studied in the Programme of Translation and  Interpretation in Beijing International Studies  University and got a Master’s Degree.

September, 1983-June, 1987  Studied in the English Department of Sichuan  International Studies University and got a Bachelor’s Degree.


Translation (English-Chinese, Chinese-English)

Research Work:  

1.Published 3 books on translation teaching, translation history and translation discourses.

2.Published papers on translation teaching, translation studies and Interpretation

3.Accomplished 2 projects at the provincial level concerning translation studies

Other work:

Supervisor of students taking part in English Contest at the national level and provincial level

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