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Ye Huiying

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Ye Huiyingassociate professor of English at China Jiliang University, Director of the Institute of International Standardization and LanguageDirector of the National College English Newspaper Teaching Research Association. Ms. Yes research interests are in intercultural communication, translation, media discourse and cultural studies. She earned her B.A. from Hangzhou University in 1986 and her Postgraduate Diploma from Nanyang Technological University in 1999. She was the visiting scholar at Zhejiang University in 2007-2008. In recent years, She has offered undergraduates the following courses: English-Chinese Translation, English Media and Cultural Exchange, Comprehensive English, Selected Reading of British and American Newspapers.

She participated in the program supported by National Social Science Foundation of China and the key program by Ministry of Education. Her programs also include the program funded by Scientific research foundation of the State Human Resource Ministry for Returned Chinese Scholars(Project leader) and the one funded by Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Standardization(Project leader).

Her publications include several academic articles in such journals as Computer-assisted Foreign Language Education, 3 co-edited academic books and 5 textbooks---Selected Articles from American & British Newspapers & Magazines

 (Fifth Edition)series .

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