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Du Xin

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    Du Xin, male, doctor, lecturer. His research interests are Korean teaching and second language acquisition theory and practice. He participated in compiling Korean language textbooks of the Ministry of Education, and published nearly 10 papers in domestic and foreign journals and three books.

Journal Articles:

1. The Mediation Effect of Career Decision-Making Styles in the Relationship between College Students' Trait Anxiety and Career Indecision. Korean Journal of Counseling(韩国核心期刊),2013,14(2).

2. The Influence of Glasser’s Internal-External Control Levels upon the Acculturative Stress and Adaptation to College Life of Chinese Students - Controlling the Demographic Variables. Korean Journal of Counseling(韩国核心期刊),2013,14(4).

3. The effect of Input Enhancement on Korean Word Spacing Teaching: Focusing on intermediate Chinese learners. Korea Studies(韩国核心期刊),2013,31.

4. Planned happenstance skills and occupational identity status in high school students. The Career Development Quarterly(SSCI期刊)201563.

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